Biosil Nano Silica has been listed as the outstanding technology product made in Ho Chi Minh City

Dr. Le Hoai Quoc - former President of Saigon Hi-tech Park - has shared in the article "'Pointing out' the outstanding science and technology products made in Ho Chi Minh city" as following: "In the field of Nano Technology and Nano Materials, there are also some outstanding products that Ho Chi Minh City has mastered such technologies as: Nano Silica developed by BSB Investment and Development Co., Ltd. from rice husk. ... This product has a lot of applications in many different fields, and has been exported to Japan, Malaysia." The entire article is in Vietnamese, please read below or click the link. Đây đều là các sản phẩm nằm trong định hướng phát triển 4 lĩnh vực trọng yếu mà nhà nước c

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