Goodyear wins Fedil award for rice husk ash silica development

Fedil, the Luxembourg Business Federation, has presented Goodyear a 2015 Environmental Award for its work with rice husk ash silica. The ‘resource efficiency’ category award was presented by Fedil president Robert Dennewald and Camille Gira, Luxembourg’s state secretary for sustainable development and infrastructure. Romain Hansen, Goodyear’s global director of technology projects, accepted the award on behalf of the ‘Rice Husk Ash Silica’ development team. Romain Hansen accepted the Fedil award on behalf of Goodyear. “Goodyear’s Rice Husk Ash Silica has several advantages for the environment. It reduces the amount of ash waste going into landfills and the silica conversion process requires

Goodyear using rice husk ash in tyre manufacturing

Rice husk waste once headed for landfills is now helping The Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company produce fuel-efficient tyres. Goodyear today announced it will utilise ash left over from the burning of rice husks to produce electricity as an environmentally friendly source of silica for use in its tyres. The use of rice husk ash in tyres has previously been researched by Pirelli. The use of rice husk ash will provide Goodyear an alternative source of silica while helping reduce the amount of rice husk waste being landfilled. Goodyear has tested silica derived from rice husk ash over the past two years at its Innovation Center in Akron and found its impact on tyre performance to be equal to tradit

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